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Gerard J. Cicero, D.C., D.A.B.F.P., F.A.C.O.

Dr. Gerard Cicero practices in Northwest Chicago for over 32 years. He is an active member with board certification from the American Board of Forensic Professionals and American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists. He maintains membership in several orthopedic medical and chiropractic organizations. 

As a board certified chiropractic orthopedist he has extensive specialized training in examination and treatment procedures. This allows him to work with many medical and chiropractic physicians broadening his scope of practice.

Being a forensic chiropractic physician he acts as an expert testifying in medical legal cases. He also provides medical and chiropractic opinions for insurance companies and law firms.

Dr. Cicero is Director of Chicago Neck and Back Institute. He is at the top of his field and he continues his education to treat his patients with all new procedures and technological breakthroughs. He has written publish papers, case studies, and manuscripts. This is one doctor that carries his passion each day to his patients. He will not stop until a proper diagnosis is established, condition is appropriately treated, and the patient feeling better.

Dr. Cicero is the member of the American Red Cross and also serves as an instructor. He lectures to fire departments, civil service departments, manufacturing, and distribution companies regarding back injury prevention. He reviews work sites and provides work modifications to ensure better health and safety to employees with the goal to reduce on the job injuries and Workmen’s Compensation Claims.

From the moment you meet Dr. Cicero his passion and vivacious nature are clearly evident. He is an athlete, a former football player, and competitive weightlifter. He has a very firm and outgoing demeanor. Over the last few Halloween’s he has passed as many characters including Captain America, Ironman, Mr. Incredible, and Superman. His excitement and easy going manner makes the patient feel at ease instantly.

Chicago Neck and Back Institute is a unique healthcare facility. Besides being a friendly office it was one of the first in the Chicago area to merge chiropractic and medical care. This intraprofessional relationship “team” as Dr. Cicero calls it resulted in better outcomes with faster pain relief and recovery for many neuromusculoskeletal conditions. They also reduced waiting time to see specialists like neurology, pain management, and physiatry.

Whether you are in pain or just maintaining good health come and see why we have been the choice for many patient’s over the last 32 years. Dr. Cicero and his team welcome you.

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